20 February 2009

February seminar: Robin Fuchs-Young

Dr. Robin Fuchs-Young was in town yesterday as the third REU visiting mentor of the academic year. She gave a seminar on her work describing the interaction between a tumor supressor gene, p53, and receptors for the hormone estrogen, and how the interplay between these two affects breast cancer.

Although students were subdued during her talk, several had questions to ask her afterwards!

Dr. Fuchs-Young met with faculty and REU students individually, and also spoke briefly in the research ethics class that REU students are taking about some of the ethical issues she had cause to think about in her professional career.

We thank Dr. Fuchs-Young, and hope she enjoyed her visit despite taking her from her many other commitments (which required some last minute changes to her travel plans!).

L to R: Amery Yang, Ashley Longoria, Robin Fuchs-Young, Stephanie Jimenez, Ammie Ortiz, Jess Valdez, Stephanie Castellanos.

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