11 May 2007


Our first cohort of students is:

Cassandra Rivas
Tracy Muniz
Natali Mejia
Maria Calagui
Derek Martinez
Michael Torres

More about these students soon!

05 May 2007

Writing a personal statement: Part 2

Make sure your name is on your personal statement. On every page.

Sometimes pages get separated in the course of handling paper. Or maybe they aren't filed immediately. Or correctly. You do not want someone working though applications to find pages that they just couldn't associate with any one person. That's not good.

You might think, "I stapled the pages of my personal statement together, so I only need my name on one page." The problem there is that quite often someone might want to make copies of your papers. And often the fastest way to do that is to take out the staples and run the papers through the photocopier autofeed.

After all, it's called a personal statement for a reason -- and what's more personal than your name?