30 December 2009

2010: The year we are renewed?

I’ve been receiving emails already asking about the UTPA REU program for summer 2010.

We don’t know if we will have any new students in the program this year.

This program is funded by the National Science Foundation, and our current grant is ending this year. We have submitted a proposal to continue our program for several more years, but do not expect to hear any word on the next round of reviews until sometime in late winter or early spring.

If our program does continue, we’ll be sure to let you know. Trust me. We will not be quiet about it.

02 December 2009

Northwestern University materials science REU program

The institution: Northwestern University

The program:
  • 21 June to 20 August 2009
  • $4,000 stipend
  • On-campus housing
  • Research areas includes biomaterials, polymers, nanocomposites, photonics, nanoparticles, molecular electronics, ceramics

Eligibility: Students currently pursuing an undergraduate degree in science or engineering who are US citizens or permanent residents are eligible.

Deadline: 15 February 2009

More information: http://www.mrsec.northwestern.edu/content/educational_programs/reu.htm or email Martha Tanner at mrc@northwestern.edu.

01 December 2009

Harvard Forest research program in ecology

The institution: Harvard Forest field station of Harvard University

The program:
  • $5,520 stipend
  • Twelve week session from 24 May – 13 August 2010
  • Excellent on-site housing and a full meal plan included
  • Assistance with travel costs to and from Harvard Forest is provided
  • Projects in summer 2010 will focus on:
    • Invasive plants, pests & pathogens
    • Plant biology, population and community ecology
    • Large ecosystem experiments and permanent plot studies
    • Conservation biology and biodiversity
    • Forest ecosystem response to global change
    • Soil carbon and nitrogen dynamics
    • Reading and conserving the New England landscape
Eligibility: Students should have a demonstrated interest in ecology. No previous field/lab experience or minimum GPA is required.

Deadline: 5 February 2010.

More information: Visit http://harvardforest.fas.harvard.edu/education/reu/reu.html for on-line application.