09 March 2009

Texas Academy of Science meeting 2009

The Texas Academy of Science meeting was held last Friday, 6 March, and both UTPA and the REU program was well represented.

Texas Academy of Science meeting 2009
The obligatory REU cohort shot. L to R: Ammie Ortiz, Amery Yang, Stephanie Castellanos, Ashley Longoria, Stephanie Jimenez, Jess Valdez.

And now... posters!

Ammie Ortiz

Pop quiz! One of the two students above is not an REU student. Which one?

In addition to these posters, current REU student Stephanie Jimenez gave an oral presentation, as did former REU student Natali Mejia.

Pictures by Hudson DeYoe.

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Stef said...

This conference was a big networking opportunity for me. Several of the grad schools that I will be applying for are in Texas, so this was an ideal time to meet and greet with some profs and post docs from the schools. I was able to get some genuine feedback on my first presentation and some helpful pointers on getting into these grad school.