14 October 2007

Student profile: Natali Meijia

What is your project about?

Seagrass stress. Taking seagrass from its natural environment to a controlled tank and dropping the salinity to see if the seagrass endured any stress.

What have you learned or enjoyed so far?

I have learned that field and lab work are not as hard as suspected. I have become better acclimated with lab equipment and have become more educated in biology. I have also learned that the professors/mentors are very helpful in any way possible and help set a comfortable, stress free environment. I also learned that I enjoy doing both field and lab work.

What are you looking forward to?

As I go through the program I am looking forward to learning much more through hands on experience and completing a research project. I would also like to continue meeting many people who could help me succeed in the future.

Supervisors: Hudson DeYoe and Mike Persans

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