13 January 2009

Robyn with a Y and Robin with an I

The REU program is pleased to announce our next two visiting mentors. Both speakers will be giving departmental seminars at noon in SCIE 2.108.

29 January 2009

Later this month, we will be hosting Robyn Lints from Texas A&M University. When I visited A&M, she showed me some very cool stuff on C. elegans.

More information about Dr. Lints and her research is at: http://www.bio.tamu.edu/facmenu/faculty/LintsR.htm

19 February 2009

In February, we will host our second Robin (this time with an "I"), Robin Fuchs-Young. Some of you may have met her at HESTEC; she's visited our campus a few times, and we are pleased to have her back for a longer visit.

More information about Dr. Fuchs-Young and her research is at: http://sciencepark.mdanderson.org/faculty/fuchs-young_r/

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