08 April 2009

Shout out from former visiting mentor

Matt Garcis interview
UTPA alumnus and former REU visiting mentor Matt Garcia is featured in the newest issue of Los Arcos. And nobody paid him to say the nice shout out he gave to the REU program (and programs like it).

What advice would you give current students who are interested in pursuing a research career?

Over the summer I had the opportunity to come back to UTPA and conduct a seminar and career workshop with some biology department students in an undergraduate research program – Research Experiences for Undergraduates. This is the first step for someone interested in a career in research science, to get involved and apply for programs like this. Nothing can replace the experience of actual hands-on bench research, and you’ll know very quickly whether this is the right career path. Research is the type of position that requires self-motivation and determination. It is a roller coaster ride with extreme highs and extreme lows and being able to deal with that is the ultimate litmus test of being a scientist.

Matt Garcia, we love you!

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