27 September 2008

NSF director visits UTPA

Dr. Bement at HESTEC 2008
Left to right: Amery Yang, Ashley Longoria, Ammie Ortiz, NSF director Dr. Arden Bement, Jr., Jess Valdez, Stephanie Jimenez.

Dr. Bement and several other NSF staffers visited UTPA today, and met with students in our REU program. Here mainly for HESTEC, they had a chance to view student research posters presented at the HESTEC science symposium, and chat with several students in some detail about their research.

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Stef said...

He was much more jolly than I expected him to be. He seemed to have a genuine interest in the students and their ideas and goals. I'm glad to have such a seemingly down to earth person on the side of science.

-Stephanie J.