11 February 2008

Student profile: Claudia Tamez

Claudia TamezWhat is your project about?

My project consists of several studies centered around the rare native water lily of South Texas, Nymphaea elegans. In normal instances, pollen is washed off pollinators. The fluid bath secreted by N. elegans routinely causes pollinators to drown. From one of my studies, I hope to conclude that larger flowers have a higher capacity for fluid thus increasing the rate at which pollinators are sacrificed by the flowers for pollination. Also, Dr. McDonald and I are currently preparing to construct a temporary study site on campus to observe pollinator preference for flower color and pollinator visitation rates.

What have you learned or enjoyed so far?

I have enjoyed very much my actual physical field work. I am very grateful to be working with a flower so exquisite. I absolutely love when I am surrounded by thousands of beautiful N. elegans flowers in the middle of nowhere; it's absolutely tranquil.

What are you looking forward to?

I am looking forward to another awesome flowering season and great results to enable me to publish substantial information for future studies on Nymphaea elegans.

Supervisors: Anita Davelos Baines and Andrew McDonald

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