18 September 2007

Student profile: Mike Torres

Mike TorresWhat is your project about?

Well, I am going to be using in-situ hybridization to note the expression of Hox, Distal-less and Engrailed genes specifically at the abdominal region where these spring appendages in Collembola are located.

What have you learned or enjoyed about research so far?

Learning is a constant occurrence for me in the lab, whether it's learning a completely new protocol or learning how to do something more efficiently as well as becoming familiar with the snags that we hit along the way. I pretty much enjoy all of it, especially when my reactions work well!

What are you looking forward to most as you go through the program?

I'm looking forward to seeing the in-situs when they're done and also the RNAi which is later on in the project.

Supervisor: Matt Terry

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